Eight classically inspired varieties—and under 2 calories per treat. Your cat’s in for a paw-lickin’ flavor adventure!

From hairball control to kitten care, these delectable treats will help your cat live nine lives.

Bring home these four great flavors, made with all-natural ingredients and added vitamins, minerals and taurine.

There's no confusion here: cats love the flavorful combinations found in each TEMPTATIONS® MixUps treat.

Here’s a great idea: savory meat flavor combined with rich cheeze goodness. Your cat won’t be able to get enough of these irresistible cheezy treats!

Fishing for a delicious treat for your cat? Reel in TEMPTATIONS® Ocean Middles and give her the best snack the sea has to offer.

Snack time is already fun with TEMPTATIONS® Treats. Now, with TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™ Treats, it’s even more enjoyable for kitty.

Make a reservation for yum! Your kitty will keep coming back to the decadent meaty flavors in TEMPTATIONS® Treats Steak Shoppe Middles.

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